Luxury Velvet Albert Slippers

All our slippers are hand made to order and take 8-10 weeks to make
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Luxury Hand Made Smoking Slippers / Smoking Shoes

Shipton & Heneage’s handmade, uniquely customisable Velvet Slippers are World famous not just for their comfort but for their style. Each pair is hand-made from finest leather, sumptuous velvet and satin quilt, expertly cut out and lasted using traditional established methods over three hundred years old. Originally intended for home or clubland use, we are increasingly seeing our Slippers sported by the fashion-forward at the red carpet and black-tie events.

Our most popular slipper remains our most classic. The unadorned Plain Velvet Albert comes in a number of rich, subfusc colours that say more about discreet opulence than a thousand Rolls Royces.