Mens Full Brogues

Mens Full Brogue Shoes

Brogues are very much in fashion both among modern youth as much as senior citizens. They look great with jeans or a suit. We have a wide selection from "Spectator shoes", to long-lasted brogues. Please also refer to our English Loafers and our Wholecuts as there are other styles of shoes that have more subtle broguing on them that may appeal.

Sturdy, strong, always sound, the Brogue has been the English Gentleman’s footwear of choice for a millennium and more. Originally the line of holes – the ‘Broguing Row’ - running along the shoe’s upper curves and lines let water to escape as their owner trod his Celtic estates. Now the holes are purely decorative, and the Brogue sits as well in City boardrooms as under the breakfast tables of country seats. Full Brogues feature a distinctive perforated ‘W’ line (which gives the Full Brogue its alternative name of ‘Wingtip’). Stylish and assured, a Shipton & Heneage Full Brogue puts the world at your feet.

We have a large selection of brogues in a variety of weights and colours, Goodyear welted or blake stitched, leather or rubber soles. Please note half-brogues are shown in a separate section.