Mens Oxford Shoes

Mens Oxford Shoes & formal shoes for men

The Oxford is the quintessential English laced shoe. Traditionally constructed of leather, Oxfords are historically plain, mens formal shoes derived from the Oxonian, a half-boot with side slits once popular amongst undergraduates of Oxford University, city of mists and dreaming spires, in the Regency Period of the 1800s. Occasionally known as Balmorals (after Her majesty Queen Victoria's residence in Aberdeenshire), the shoe is referred to as Bal-Type in the Americas while in France, Oxfords are better known under the name of Richelieu.

Oxford shoes are defined by their closed facing, the effect of which is smart, elegant, neat and formal. Historically, an Oxford shoe was the only kind of mens dress shoes a man would wear with a suit in town but today's Oxfords now sport styles and materials to suit both casual and formal occasions. The toe cap is customarily lined with narrow rows of perforations which allow the shoe to 'breathe' while keeping out the moist fogs emanating from Oxford's River Cherwell and its many academics.

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