Mens Deck Shoes and Boat Shoes for Men

Mens Deck shoes and Mens Boat Shoes

There is nothing Britons enjoy more than simply messing about in boats be it a leisurely punt on the Cam or a day cruise on the solent. But when a slip of the foot can mean the difference between drinks with the captain and The Drink itself, you need a shoe that doesn’t lose its tread on the slipperiest deck and which is also as comfortable as walking on water.

So say ahoy to Deck Shoe, also known as the Boat Shoe or the Topsider or docksider. It originated amongst yachting folk in the 1930s as canvas or leather footwear with a moc-toe (like a moccasin) construction. Their non-marking rubber soles are “siped” – grooved – to provide extra grip in squally conditions. Modern day Deck Shoes come in many shapes, colours and materials but all offer ease and protection come rain or shine, and can be worn almost anywhere, whether at the yacht club, in the high street or as a comfortable and casual working day shoe.

Off on a yacht?

Going boating? Our Sailing shoes are high quality, salt resistant tough leather, rust resistant metal-work, with non-marking soles, razor cut for grip, and laces that aren't just decorative - they work. So if you need a long-lasting pair of boat shoes then look no further.