Mens Derby Shoes and Gibson Shoes

Mens Derby Shoes 

Mens Derby Shoes tend to be the type of shoe that fits better on awkward feet. The 'flaps' allow for more adjustment over a high or wide arch, and the tongue usually allows for more room over the top of the foot. Derby's are often associated with country shoes and heavy welts but we have plenty "city" styles too.

The Derby shoe (always pronounced “dahbi”, never “derrbee”) is a descendant of a popular sporting and hunting boot from the 1850s. Legend holds that the shoe was first worn by the 12th Earl of Derby at Epsom Downs when he inaugurated the Derby Stakes, then the world’s richest horse race, and so became popular amongst racing gentry. Today, the Derby is famed for its easy fit and smart-casual look.

The shoe itself, also known as a Bucks or Gibson shoes or Blucher shoes, is a lace-up dress shoe, distinctive in that the leather tabs that hold the shoelace eyelets are not sewn – or “closed” - the body of the shoe. This construction method, also known as "open lacing", contrasts with that of its great rival in the footwear stakes, the Oxford. Let Shipton & Heneage introduce you to an entire family of Derby variants, the nobility of British smart-but-casual footwear.

Derby Shoes - sometimes referred to as Balmorals or Bals (see our boots) in the USA, afford a better fit to those requiring a little more room, not just because of the shape but also the adjustment allowed by the lacing. Here we present a selection of both Goodyear Welted and Blake stitched shoes.

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