About Shipton and Heneage

Shipton & Heneage Ltd

Shipton & Heneage was founded in the 1980s to provide the finest English-made shoes at very competitive prices.

We had an ecommerce website functioning as early as 1995 and had a strong mail-order offering at that time, with few, if any, direct competitors. We added more shoes, including more affordable ones as well as European-made blake stitched shoes, which are cheaper to make, instantly comfortable but perhaps not as long-wearing as a traditional Goodyear welted English shoe. We have had a range of sumptuous Italian loafers and boots for women since the late 90s. 

One of our most distinctive products is our luxury bespoke hand-made slippers. Beautifully made each pair is a work of art, quite literally. Your design is transformed into a hand-stitched pattern using coloured threads and wires and sewn onto the best quality velvet uppers. These are then made into slippers with leather soles and are worn by a huge range of followers from high court judges, to celebrities and frequently seen around in the London 'scene' worn not just with dinner jackets, smoking jackets but also with jeans! 

We have a very extensive global client list, being of utmost discretion we do not name names to blow our trumpet, we let our products speak for themselves.

We now provide an extensive range of accessories from cashmere to horn products to complement our shoe ranges.

Shipton & Heneage is a registered trademark UK00003368058


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