Men's English Loafers and Slip on Shoes

Loafers for Men

English Style Loafers. Our English Loafers or Penny loafers as they are often called, are made in a variety of places. the price reflects the workmanship involved. Some of the loafers are Goodyear welted and others Blake stitched. The former allows resoling without losing the shape of the shoe and, if competently done, several times before the welt has to be renewed allowing further resoling. Blake stitched shoes can be resoled a few times if carefully done by a competent cobbler, but can easily be damaged by poor quality cobblers.

Our Men's English slip on shoes represent great value and quality and should give you good long-lasting service, should you look after the properly (regular polishing and using shoe-trees). Worn both as a Dress shoe for smart or as a casual shoe with jeans they will give you great service.

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