Mayfair Fully Lasted Cedar Wood Shoe Trees

$31 off Mayfair Fully Lasted Cedar Wood Shoe Trees

This shoe trees are an add-on product and are available with $31 discount when fitted to one of our standard fit Loafers (excluding Italian Loafers), Oxfords, Wholecuts, Brogues, Half Brogues, Derbys, Patent Shoes (excluding patent slippers) and Monk Shoes. Discount will apply automatically in the basket when a qualifying shoe is added to the basket .

Aromatic Cedar Wood shoe trees for men. Split toe front part and sprung front to rear. See below why we think these are the best shoe trees everOur Mayfair shoe trees are designed for the UK and all formal classic dress shoes made on British lasts. (Not suitable for modern, long/pointed shoes)Our lasted shoe trees are precision made on CNC routers from 3d models. This means these are our best-fitting shoe trees ever.


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Mayfair Fully Lasted Cedar Wood Shoe Trees

At Last! A better fitting Shoe Tree for English Shoes

Aromatic Cedar Wood shoe trees for men. split toe front part and sprung front to rear.

If you know your last number check at bottom.

For Half sizes Order the size Below your Half Size - e.g. for size 9.5 order a Size 9 Tree

Nearly all the mass market shoe trees you can buy are made for EU sizes and EU lasted shoes. As a result you rarely get a good fit in your shoes.

After painstaking research and development we have come up with the ultimate shoe tree to fit your dress shoes perfectly. We have tested these in shoes from Cheaney, Sanders, Crockett & Jones and several other English shoe factories and confirm these are our best-fitting shoe trees ever. They are precision made on CNC routers from 3d models with a tolerance of 1mm. This means the variability in sizing between pairs of shoe-trees has now been eliminated.

We are now making size 13 shoe trees and size 14 shoe trees

We can now offer Laser engraved personalised shoe trees or with a little 'brass' plaque

We are often asked about shoe-sizing.

You are entering the realms of deeply disputed knowledge here. I’ll give it my best shot.

For Example - A Brannock device will not be any use on UK lasted shoes, shoe-trees or feet.
UK lasts (C&J, Cheaney etc) used to be the trade secrets of shoe makers and they are not published information.
Ask any UK maker to give you the ruler size and they will laugh! It is not a one-dimensional measure but rather shape, width, volume as well as length!

All measuring devices by default are incorrect (refer wikipedia and barleycorns etc) – they are indicative only and only measure one or two dimensions. They do not take into account such things as shape and arch position, room in the toes.
Typically there will be anything from 1/3rd of an inch to an inch “air” beyond a toe in the front of the shoe. So how can the measure device measure your foot for the shoe you want to wear?

USA sizes are a half to one size different from UK – depending on a last/maker. For top-end British brands usually only a half different. The lower down the scale you go of manufacturing excellence the larger the size discrepancy – so cheaper shoes usually always are a full size different. (As they are made to fit more generic feet)

Shoe trees should be measured (if at all) when fully closed. Even then you have to ask yourself should it fill the shoe to the end – or to the same point where the toe would normally be? It may not be able to get to the end if the shoe is pointed and appear too big, or it may too easily get to the end of a very round toe and appear too small!
Ergo – there is no defined measurement.

The correct size of shoe for a foot, is the shoe that fits!
A church’s G, a Cheaney F, and a Crocketts EX tend to fit about the same for a given “size”. Having said that, if you are ever asked your shoe size a UK size is the most reliable – based on your knowledge of what UK–made shoes fit you. Quote EU sizes and you will come a cropper! They do not correspond to UK sizes.

Bearing in mind these days many shoes are cut, or part-made in India or elsewhere and have their laces put in the UK, you have to be careful you do know the factory and lasts they are made on.

Our shoe trees are ALL tested in Crockett's, or Cheaney, or Sanders, or Shipton & Heneage Shoes prior to dispatch, so we know they are ‘correct’.
If they do not fit – it is the shoe that is incorrect and unlikely to be British! Or uses a very weird last.

Our “lasted” shoe trees are based on English lasts and are a tight fit. We found a last that fitted Classic British shoes (makers above) really well, and have the shoe-trees made from computer 3D scans. They are the best fit shoe-trees you will find anywhere “for a British Shoe”.
Foreign-made shoes vary far too much to be consistent for measurement purposes.

If you always wear a size 9 Crocketts/cheaney shoe – you are a size 9 regardless of what a measuring devices tells you! And our size 9 shoe tree will fit them.

USA Customers

If you own Crockett & Jones Shoes or Cheaney shoes, check if the sizing is UK sizing or modified for the USA. Usually the Size in top-end shoes will be a HALF size different. The USA size is usually half a size larger than the UK size. So for a USA size 10.5 shoe, you will need a UK size 10 Shoe tree.

Crocket & Jones Last numbers tested

318, 248, 236, 297, 72, 248 more C&J lasts HERE - click 'lasts' middle of screen. For Lasts 363 and 373 they are a little tight at the waist.

Cheaney Last numbers tested

125 a great fit, 205, 225 (not to very front of toe) you can see their lasts HERE

Sanders Last numbers tested

James, Ken, 4831, M265L

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